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CDA Products Limited - Instructions Page

Welcome to the Instructions Page of our internet site.
Use the tips and instructions on this page to get the best results from our products.

Wafer Bows

View a video showing you how to assemble our edible wafer bow kits

View a video showing you how to assemble our wafer bows

Wafer Flowers - Ranunculus

A video by Laura of the Nuthouse Bakery showing you how to assemble our edible ranunculus flower kits

View a video showing you how to assemble our ranunculus flower kits

Wafer Butterflies

These delicate products are made of wafer paper and the wings can very easily become separated from the body if they are mishandled stored incorrectly or wet.

Because of the natural products these edible decorations are made of (dried potato starch & vegetable oil) they will disintegrate if not handled or stored correctly.

There should be no problem at all if the butterfly is GENTLY bent and placed onto fresh buttercream icing or attached to any other surface with a small pellet of buttercream icing.

Wafer Cake Toppers

These beautiful products are made of wafer paper (dried potato starch & vegetable oil). If you wet the product too much it is likely to disintegrate.

Storage of our Wafer Products

We are sure you will be using your CDA wafer decorations just as soon as you purchase them, but if you do want to keep them for some time, please keep them in their original unopened packaging at a temperature below 25C.
Do not store in the product in the open air or near any sources of moisture or heat. Also our edible wafer will not freeze well.
Our products are manufactured from natural food ingredients and will keep best if stored at a relative humidity between 60-75%. To enjoy your decorations at their best please make sure the product is used by the sell by date shown on the packaging.

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CDA Products is a UK manufacturer specialising in edible printing. We supply a range of beautiful pre-cut edible decorations and other edible printed material in retail or bulk packaging.
We also supply a range of white and coloured edible wafer sheets (rice paper) in both A4 & A3 sizes.
We can quickly manufacture, print and cut bespoke edible products to your own specification. In addition to one-off jobs this means it is a simple process to make products that will sell well in your local area.
We concentrate on supplying trade customers both here in the UK and throughout the world.

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